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Lynx was originally one of my rescue cats.   But he won my heart and somehow I just couldn't seem to part with him.  At first I tried, but he didn't like to be loved when he first arrived.  When someone would look at him he would growl at them.   So he never got picked.  He did get over it and now he loves everyone and if you come into my yard, watch the ground as you walk.  Because Lynx will throw himself in front of your feet for attention.


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Three years ago I rescued a jet black domestic manx mama who blessed us with 8 little black kittens not 2 hours after her arrival.  Mr. Small was the runt.  A runt in a litter of eight doesn't usually stand a chance.  Not only was he the runt, but he didn't show much desire for the "milk bar".   He probably would not have made it if "Maggie the Main Coon" hadn't had three kittens just the week before.  Maggie took to Mr. Small and was happy to have him.  We fell in love with him and just never got around to placing him.  He became one of the family.

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