wants to share some wonderful information,

in case it might help someone.

This is a testimonial for something surprising... for KNOX Gelatine.  It cured my arthritis!

In any grocery store, you can buy a box of individual packets or a can with many doses of KNOX Gelatine, called "NUTRA JOINT".  You put one packet or dose of it per day into 1/2 cup (4 oz.) of cold water and stir until it dissolves.  Then you drink it.   That's all.  It comes in orange or tropical fruit flavors or plain (in my grocery stores).

If you are really bad off, do it twice a day.  This applies to whatever type of arthritis you have, or anything even related to Osteoperosis or aching/swelling bone/joint symptoms.  (As well as high blood pressure, receding gums, insomnia, bone spurs, kidney stones, and low back pain!).

Let me explain.  I got so excited when I listened to, and then read "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" that I actually put it up on my web pages.   This was because I tried what Dr. Wallach said.  I went right out and bought the KNOX Gelatine.  The difference in not only my right hand, which has been crippled, but in my entire body, was nothing short of phenominal.  The lack of aches and pains that happened as a result, even began to solve the problem of my terrible insomnia!   And this with just one dose.  (It's supposed to take 2-3 months for full functionality to return, but I just don't believe it will take that long, not on me.   I have already regained use of my hand after 4 days, though there is still a little way to go.)

The use of it for the first 3 days really transformed my insides, cleaned me out with lots of rumbling, and then I settled down into the first normalcy I have felt in years.  I have much more energy.  I can think much clearer.  I feel better in general.  He was right, you see.  I had a raging calcium deficiency!  Just like a very large percentage of all other Americans.

In addition, my 87 yr old Mom, who has very bad knees, almost crippled because of them, began the Gelatine with me.  You should see her now!   She boogies across the room faster than I can, and gets up and down like she did when she was younger.  That alone makes the trip to the grocery store worth the trouble.  It does my heart good.

And that's not all.  The minerals in our soil are TOTALLY depleted!  We are getting no real nutrition at all.  He (Dr. Wallach) raves about colloidal minerals.  He says they absorb at a rate of 98% instead of the 3% of every other form, (except chelated, which is 40%).  So I went down to the local health food store and bought a bottle.  They had 3 brands to choose from, but the one I bought had 72 minerals and 16 vitamins.  It's a bit expensive, but it only takes 2 tablespoons per day to make you so very much healthier, so it is very worth it per month.   It was around twenty-six dollars, I believe.  So one bottle per month is a cheap fix for all the deficiencies you might encounter.

Please understand, there is nothing in this for me.  I get no kickback nor any other monies, nor any kind of benefit at all by telling you this story.  All I want is to be able to help just one person who was as weary of aches and pains all the time as I was.  And to help just one, I am going to the trouble to make this page for you.

Many people won't take the time to read the whole of "Dead Doctors Don't Lie", but they should.  It's a hoot.  Really funny.  The guy is a true showman of the best kind, as well as so very knowledgeable.  He turns medicine into horse-sense.  And you learn so very much that you need to know, especially when you reach 50 or more, when it becomes totally mandatory!  So don't wait, read it now, and help your body out enormously.  You don't even realize how abused your body is everyday, regardless how fine you think your lifestyle, including vegetarians, macro-biotic dieters, athletes, and so on.  It even includes those wise enough to be on a chelation program.  Mom is on a chelation program, but it didn't cure her knees!  Knox Gelatin did.

So if you value your body, if you had rather feel good, if you really wish you could be at your best in every way, or even if you simply want to prevent all that I have gone through beginning at 50, then do yourself the favor to read, and even print:

"Dead Doctors Don't Lie"

(Yes, that is a hyperlink, so all you need to do is click on it to see what I mean).

Now I'll only say that I wish you lots of Love, and Light, and the Joy of HEALTH!  And this page is an example of what I believe in for our future... the sacred "WE".  Together we can!

Martha S. Heney


I simply must add the news that I have recently tried Youngevity's Majestic Earth "Liquid Osteo FX Plus", and find it far superior to Nutra-Joint.  Not only is it much easier to take (liquid) and tastes better, it contains more joint healing properties.  I dearly love it, and don't intend to be without it!  If you can possibly afford it, I recommend it highly!  It's not that expensive.  Read all about it:

Osteo FX Plus


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