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Let Moisture King chase your dampness away!




The Superior Electric Moisture Control Unit!

Mold, mildew and 
warping will simply not occur
if you control humidity in problem areas.

Moisture King is both the control and the solution...

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The Moisture King  dehumidifier is the perfect way to protect pianos, guns, tools, boats, planes, motorhomes, antiques, books and documents, or contents of closets, basements, safes, and so much more! - any area at all where high humidity is a problem.  An area could benefit greatly from Moisture King if any dampness might occur.  

  • All pianos and organs can suffer sticking keys, sluggish action, and warping.

  •  Eliminate mildew in closed-in spaces like boat cabins, and think of the improvement in the odor, not to mention your health! 

  • Anywhere shoes and clothing might develop mold and mildew in closets or closed-in places, humidity control is the answer. 

  • Guns can rust and corrode so easily, as can tools. 

  • We can help!


The  heat bar offers the safety feature of preventing fires, 
which a light bulb could never do.

Two 240 volt models are available for international distribution.


Easy to install--Safe--No Attention Required

Why pay more?  Buy--Feature--Sell

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Operates on AC or DC - 110-120 Volts (220 volt models available)
Designed to dehumidify the air within any storage space by providing an EVEN, GENTLE heat. 

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Moisture King  is the FIRST tube dehumidifier to offer all of these features:


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Unabreakable heating element.
(An advanced and efficient heating element encased in a housing of fibre glass impregnated with silicone.  No glass tubes are used in the construction of the MOISTURE KING.
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Seamless Aluminum Tube.
MOISTURE KING is proud to offer the advantages of a seamless aluminum tube.
Star.gif (992 bytes) Lifetime warranty!
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Lowest Dealer prices.
MOISTURE KING  is manufactured by North Florida Piano Company.  We offer  Dealers and Technicians the largest profit margin.
(We pass the savings on to YOU.)
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We recommend installing MOISTURE KING's humidistat Model MK1090, where over-drying could be a problem, to control humidity during dry times of the year.  This prevents both the danger of over-drying, and the necessity of unplugging during winter.  Northern USA winters, for instance, can be very dry inside the home.   The same applies to Australia and New Zealand during May through August.

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